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Live: Pistol Whip Style System And Bullet Hell Preview

Live: Pistol Whip Style System And Bullet Hell Preview

We’ll be live with Cloudhead Games this week with an exclusive first look at new modifiers in the upcoming Style System update to Pistol Whip!

Cloudhead will be touring us through the new features live on stream with a look at never-before-seen modifiers as well as the previously announced Bullet Hell mode that promises to turn the game into an absolute frenzy.

The Canada-based studio first showed some of the new features a few weeks back in the Upload VR Showcase with the update launching this summer to completely overhaul Pistol Whip’s approach to modifiers and leaderboards. You can pick from different weapon types and combine them with modifiers to play the game in a huge range of styles. The combinations each come with their own leaderboards, so there will also be plenty more chances to find your way onto the top scoring lists too.

We’ve been huge fans of Pistol Whip since we first tried the rhythm shooter and, since its release in late 2019, Cloudhead has continually refined and added to the design with new features. The Style System looks to be one of the biggest updates yet.

Check back in with us at noon Pacific on June 24th for the live broadcast!

And if you missed the Pistol Whip segment in our showcase, you can watch it below:

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