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Pimax Delay Their 8K VR Headset Models Once Again, 26 Months After Initial Kickstarter

Pimax Delay Their 8K VR Headset Models Once Again, 26 Months After Initial Kickstarter

Pimax provided an update on their Kickstarter campaign page indicating that their 8K VR headset models have been delayed once again. The initial Kickstarter promised that headsets would ship in January 2018. This delay is just the latest in many, and comes 26 months after the initial September 2017 Kickstarter campaign launch.

These delays affect the 8K+ and the 8KX models. The 8K+ now has an “estimate start shipping [sic] no later than end of Dec. 2019,” while the 8KX has an “estimated start shipping [sic] late Mar 2020 early Apr 2020.”

The reasons given for the delays are as follows:

“The 8K+ experienced a slight delay with last-minute changes to help ensure a quality launch.

The 8KX is still in development. The engineering team will finish assembly some samples for testing this week. We will update the production plan according to test results next week.”

Other Pimax and Pimax-related products, such as the Pimax Comfort Kit, Index Controllers and lighthouse sensors, have also been delayed. You can see the full list of delays here.

Pimax has a long and storied history of delaying their headsets, and then delaying them again. They have missed many estimated shipping dates and had numerous quality control problems with their panels. You can view our history of Pimax shipping estimates and delays here, along with the most recent delay in January before this current delay.

We said it in January, but it probably bears repeating: the company’s repeated inability to meet self-defined deadlines means that we strongly recommend not ordering a headset until they completely fulfill backer orders, clear their current backlog, and demonstrate the ability to consistently ship quality hardware at scale.

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