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Pico Neo 3 Includes Snapdragon XR2, Optical Controllers And Physical IPD Adjustment

Pico Neo 3 Includes Snapdragon XR2, Optical Controllers And Physical IPD Adjustment

Pico Interactive revealed the specifications for its Neo 3 headset and it is looking a lot like Oculus Quest 2 minus Facebook.

However, the headset is being pitched only to consumers in Asia.

The new headset is pitched as running the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform with a switch to optical controller tracking. The earlier Pico Neo 2 featured electromagnetic tracking that worked to accurately track controller position even when it was held behind your back. Optical tracking, meanwhile, is the type of tracking used on Oculus Quest 2 which loses tracking sometimes when held in unusual positions outside the view of the cameras. Pico Neo 3 also includes WiFi 6, according to the company. Pico says it will offer an enterprise version of the device in late summer 2021 that will be targeted toward professional markets outside Asia.

Pico Neo 3 includes four wide-angle cameras with a “curved screen” and 90hz visuals, according to the company, along with three settings for the distance between your eyes. The back of the headset includes a counterbalance for increased comfort. There’s a handful of apps for Oculus Quest that have made the jump to Pico’s platform. That was before Facebook started requiring your real identity used in associated with its headsets, however, and we’re curious to see if this updated Neo 3 convinces any developers to bring their products over to a competing headset with similar specifications. Pico recently announced a publishing effort to help developers release content on the company’s headsets in Asia.

We’re expecting new hardware reveals from HTC in May and next week Facebook is hosting an event related to new games on its platform.

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