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PianoVision Brings AR Piano Lessons To Quest Via App Lab

PianoVision Brings AR Piano Lessons To Quest Via App Lab

PianoVision, the educational Quest app that overlays AR notes onto a real piano using Quest’s passthrough view, is now available on App Lab.

The app launched with a closed early access build back in February, but now makes its App Lab debut with a wealth of new features and updated functionality.

PianoVision uses Quest’s passthrough mode to create a lesson at a real piano that feels pretty magical to use. The app connects with digital pianos and allows you to easily align the virtual piano with your real keyboard. It then displays notes falling on the keys, similar to some existing piano tutorials, and will pause the song’s progression until you play the notes or correct any mistakes.

You can read more about my experience trying the app back in March, or check out some footage in the video embedded above. Since then, the app has made several improvements and added a bunch of new functionality.

One of the key improvements includes more connection options for digital pianos. Previously, the connection with a digital piano had to go through a computer (connected via USB), which then used a desktop client to communicate wirelessly with your headset. This is still an option, but you’re also able to connect your piano directly to your Quest through the headset’s USB C port, provided you have the right cord to go between the piano and your headset.

There’s also now a multiplayer mode, which lets you put on a concert for friends or demonstrate something virtually. There’s also improvements on the music theory and technique aspects of the app, with finger recommendations and support for interactive sheet music.

If you don’t own a real piano, you can also try PianoVision’s Air Piano option, which lets you place a virtual piano on a flat surface.

If you’re interested, check it out for yourself — PianoVision is available now for Quest via App Lab.

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