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Phasmophobia Gets 2 New Ghosts And Big Gameplay Changes

Phasmophobia Gets 2 New Ghosts And Big Gameplay Changes

A recent Phasmophobia update features two new ghost types and a slew of changes to various gameplay mechanics across the entire game.

The Exposition update, v0.3.0, is Phasmophobia’s latest in a string of updates over the last year, released as the game remains in Early Access on Steam and continues to receive new content and tweaks ahead of a full release.

The new ghost types are the Goryo, a “vengeful Japanese ghost from the aristocratic class”, and the Myling, a Scandanavian incarnation of the souls of dead children who are stuck haunting earth until they receive a proper burial. There’s also a new evidence type, the DOTS projector.

To make room for the two new ghost types and the DOTS projector, the evidence for all ghost types has been changed as of this update. Existing players will need to check their journals next time they jump into the game and relearn which evidence points toward which ghosts.

However, the changes and new features don’t stop there — the Steam announcement post for the update lists a huge amount of bug fixes and adjustments to gameplay across the board.

Sprinting and walking speed has been changed, as has the VR teleportation mechanic, which will now give more options to reflect the change in general movement speed across the game.

All equipment has new sounds and visual effects, plus electronic equipment will now alert ghosts during a hunt, so you’ll have to turn everything off before hiding. Lighting has been improved across most maps, including improvements to volumetric lighting which should reduce the fogginess in some areas.

Phasmophobia is available now on Steam with optional VR support for PC VR headsets. You can view a full list of the Phasmophobia changes and new features here.

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