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Ghost-Hunting PC VR Game Phasmophobia To Get New Prison Level

Ghost-Hunting PC VR Game Phasmophobia To Get New Prison Level

It looks like one of Phasmophobia’s next maps might be behind bars; a level set in a prison is now in development.

Phasmophobia is of course the PC ghost hunting game (with full, optional VR support) that sets you out on a mission to capture evidence of paranormal activity at haunted locations. As if the game weren’t spooky enough, you’ll soon be able to wander around an empty prison searching for ghosts hiding inside.

The prison map was added as a development goal to the game’s public Trello board, which lists current and future plans for the development schedule. The Phasmophobia Twitter account also tweeted a screenshot of the Trello card as a tease of what’s to come. The prison level is listed as ‘In Progress’ on the Trello board, there’s also an apartment building and mansion map listed under ‘Backlog’ as well.

Phasmophobia released in September in Early Access on Steam with VR support, and made it into Steam’s top 20 new releases list for that month. You play as a paranormal activity investigator, teaming up with your friends and using various different pieces of equipment to detect a ghost and figure out what type it might. David and I tried it a few weeks ago on stream, and it was genuinely terrifying.

The prison map news come after we reported last week that the developer would be changing plans slightly, and probably staying in Early Access a bit longer than originally intended. The popularity of the game has meant that a focus shift has taken place, with the aim now to get major bugs fixed and increasing the stability before adding new content. With expectations now much higher than anticipated, new content will come in the form of maps, ghost types and equipment.

Phasmophobia is available on Steam now with optional VR support. You can view the development Trello board here and keep up to date with it in our coverage hub.

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