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Phansmophobia To Get OpenXR Support, Progression Overhaul

Phansmophobia To Get OpenXR Support, Progression Overhaul

The public Phasmophobia Trello board outlines plans for future updates, with new content, an overhaul of the progression system and OpenXR support on the horizon.

The Trello board lists extensive changes and plans, with a mixture of specific and more general goals for the game. Some of the wider, game-wide changes planned include increased accessibility options (such as colorblind support and quick chat for ghost communication), randomized weather on each maps, more uses for temperature actions (such as opening a window or turning on a heater) and tracking of a player’s long-terms statistic (such as total deaths, contracts and hunts).

A task labeled “Horror 2.0” features such as new ghost events (and an overhaul of ghost events in general), hallucinations, new death rooms and new death animations are mentioned.

There are also plans to overhaul many of the game’s larger systems, such as an overhaul of the sounds, the UI and the main menu room. Changes are also planned for the equipment layout in the starting van and the design of your journal. In terms of an overhaul of the progression system, there’s not too many details but the Trello board lists reworks of the objectives, equipment, leveling, money and difficulty systems.

For new content, the goals are described very vaguely but include new ghosts, new evidence, new maps and new equipment.

For VR specifically, the goal is to swap from OpenVR support to OpenXR, which will allow support for new and future headsets and controllers with easier integration. OpenXR is the new industry standard that provides an API for VR and AR content making game engines compatible across various different hardware platforms. Valve, Microsoft and Facebook have all recommended that games engines use OpenXR moving forward.

Overall, it looks like lots of good changes are on the horizon for Phasmophobia. That being said, it seems like a lot of the planned work is still in early stages, so don’t expect anything too soon.

Back in March, Phasmophobia ramped up the difficulty and improved the ghost AI, along with announcing planned support for bHpatics suits. You can see the full plan for future Phasmophobia content over on the development Trello board.

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