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Pavlov Shack Will Cost $24 On Quest Later This Year, Coming To PSVR2 With Cross-Play

Pavlov Shack Will Cost $24 On Quest Later This Year, Coming To PSVR2 With Cross-Play

Today on Twitter Pavlov developer davevillz announced that the official Oculus Store version of Pavlov on Quest, named Pavlov Shack, will cost $24.

pavlov quest 2 gameplay

Pavlov Shack on Quest and PSVR 2

In a series of follow-up tweets, the developer goes on to confirm it’s also coming to PSVR, but specifically the new unrevealed headset, generally known as PSVR 2, because the current PSVR “doesn’t have the fidelity for Pavlov” reportedly. The developer also states the PSVR 2 edition will be cross-play with the Quest version of Pavlov Shack as well, but the PC version, simply titled Pavlov, is too “bleeding edge” and will not cross-play with PSVR or Quest at all. In another tweet, it’s mentioned that upcoming new features will add DLSS2 and dynamic lighting to the PC VR version.

While not quite up to par with what you could expect on PC VR, the Quest 2 version of Pavlov Shack does look impressive in the most recent gameplay clip we got a glimpse of last month.

Of course, Pavlov Shack Beta is still coming to App Lab as well on Quest, for free, but there’s no date on that. It sounds like the developers are still waiting on approval for App Lab from Oculus.


However, they’re planning to submit “to the Store” later this year which hopefully means it’ll be on the official Oculus Quest store alongside Onward, Contractors, Population: One, Hyper Dash, and more sooner rather than later.

There are tons of first-person shooter options on Oculus Quest already, so check out our list of the best shooters on Quest. And in the meantime, let us know if you think you’ll check out Pavlov Shack on Quest (or PSVR 2 maybe!) when you get the chance down in the comments below!

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