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Pavlov Is Coming To Oculus Quest, But It Won't Have Cross-Play With PC VR

Pavlov Is Coming To Oculus Quest, But It Won't Have Cross-Play With PC VR

Pavlov is coming to the Oculus Quest according to developer Dave Villz. Pavlov is a multiplayer shooter that has often been likened to a VR version of Counter-Strike. It currently sits at 89% positive reviews on Steam, and is a frequently recommended buy in the VR community.

Villz released a video of a build running on the standalone headset:

Pavlov was first hinted at coming to Quest all the way back in September, just days after the headset was announced. A fan asked Villz whether he intended to bring it to Quest, and he replied “if tracking is as good as they claim then for sure”. If that statement holds, he must have been satisfied with the tracking quality of the headset.

The game won’t support cross-play with PC VR however. Villz claims that this is because PC players with higher refresh rate headsets, such as the upcoming Valve Index, would have an unfair advantage over Quest players with just 72 Hz. The Index can go all the way up to 144 Hz in an “experimental” mode. The recently released Oculus Rift S has a refresh rate of 80Hz, so this seems to be where Villz draws the line.

The Quest version also obviously won’t have access to the community made maps on Steam Workshop. There will not be an equivalent system either. However, Villz will take “some ideas from the workshop community, polish them and bring them as original content.”

There’s no release window yet, and by the sounds of it the port has begun. But this would be the first conventional modern military multiplayer FPS on Quest. Currently, the closest equivalent is Dead and Buried 2‘s deathmatch mode.

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