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Pavlov 'Lite' Planned For Oculus Quest Launch In December

Pavlov 'Lite' Planned For Oculus Quest Launch In December

The developer behind Counter Strike-like multiplayer shooter Pavlov VR announced a planned release date for the Oculus Quest version, tentatively dubbed Pavlov ‘Lite’. The Quest version is expected to launch on December 19 and will also be free-to-play, according to the game’s developer.

The Quest release date was announced on Twitter by developer Dave Villz. He previously announced the game would be coming to Quest, but had not given an indication of a release date. He previously noted the Quest version would not support cross play with PC VR players.

Back in May, Villz tweeted some footage of the game running on Oculus Quest just a few days after the headset’s release. The PC version of Pavlov is still in early access on Steam and is a paid game priced at $10. PC players have access to custom content, such as maps, via the Steam Workshop, and this content presumably wouldn’t be accessible in the Quest version. We’re curious to hear more about the Quest version of the game and should note that in November Facebook is releasing the Oculus Link USB-based connection enabling a VR Ready PC to treat the Quest like a Rift. Pavlov VR supports a range of VR headsets via its Steam release, including Rift, so we’ll be curious also if the PC version will work over that connection.

We reached out to Villz on Twitter to ask if he anticipated the Rift version of Pavlov would work on the Quest via Oculus Link. We also asked if the Pavlov ‘Lite’ release date was confirmed with Oculus for release via the Oculus Store, or whether it would be released outside of the store via a sideloading service like SideQuest. We’ll update this post if we receive those answers and we’ll bring you updates on Pavlov ‘Lite’ for Quest as soon as we have them.

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