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Pavlov Community Map Becomes Official In PC VR Update

Pavlov Community Map Becomes Official In PC VR Update

Pavlov‘s v26 update on PC VR has made some changes across the game and added a new map that was originally created by a member of the game’s community.

The new map, Industry, started its life as an unofficial community creation by mapper Voxie. It’s got a corporate look to it, as it’s set inside the offices of a fictional security firm, Infinitum Military Solutions. It became a fan favorite and so Pavlov’s developers have worked with Voxie to recreate the map and bring it into the game officially on PC VR.

Besides the new map, a few changes have been made to the game’s visual and audio assets, as well as some balance and gameplay changes. The NATO and Russian players models have been visually updated, which should improve team clarity and general performance. All of the weapon sounds in the game have been remastered as well, which should provide more “heavy impact” effects and greater reverb when outdoors.

Likewise, visual explosion effects have been added or altered for items like grenades, bombs and flashbangs. The game’s offline shooting range has also been rebuilt in this update, which should improve performance and provide players with easy access to other areas for offline play, available directly from the shooting range.

In terms of gameplay, players are now only able to buy one frag grenade at a time during the pre-round, to reduce grenade spam. There are also new limits to smokes, flashbangs and other utility items. A new shotgun is now available — the Trench Gun — and some historical scopes and bolt slap mechanics have been added to select weapons.

The developers also outlined plans to move to a faction-based weapon set in a future update, which they say will effectively limit what weapons are available to players depending on what team they’re on. “One team will have the AK available, and the other will have M4, and so on,” says the update post on Steam. “Some weapons will be shared between teams, of course, such as the Deagle.” These specific faction-based changes aren’t in effect yet, but will be made in a future update as part of a larger effort to revamp the buy menu.

New game modes are also in the works, such as a Push game mode, and can be tested now by switching over to the Steam beta build.

All of the above changes only apply to the PC VR version of Pavlov on Steam, which is released and developed separately from Pavlov Shack, the ‘lite’ version of the game available for Quest via App Lab.

You can read the full patch notes for Update 26 over on Steam.

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