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Panther VR Finishes Kickstarter Campaign Fully Funded

Panther VR Finishes Kickstarter Campaign Fully Funded

Panther VR finished its Kickstarter fully funded at €16,246, just slightly over its €15,000 goal. The game is a new stealth action game from Wolfdog Interactive, the developers behind Skyworld and VR Dungeon Knight.

The developers describe the game as a “stealth action sandbox” with unlimited generated missions that allow you to plan your approach with different weapons and gadgets. You can play the levels in one of two ways – full stealth or full combat. The first will see you remain undetected, taking out enemies one by one, while the second will engage you in a full blown firefight with the alarms raised.

The game is currently in a playable state in pre-alpha – all the footage from the trailer embedded above was recorded in-game. Some backers who contributed to the “Instant Access” tier will be able to play the pre-alpha build shortly, whereas others will have to wait for the game to launch into alpha or beta, depending on the tier level they backed.

The Kickstarter’s funding did not reach any of the listed stretch goals, which started at €20,000.

Panther VR is available to wishlist on Steam, and will be available to purchase in early access at some point in 2020. It will launch on Rift, Vive and Index systems for now, but the developers are “are still open to the idea” of PSVR or Quest versions of the game in the future.

Did you back Panther VR? What do you think of the footage we’ve seen so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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