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Upcoming Painting VR Update Brings New Features, Updated UI

Upcoming Painting VR Update Brings New Features, Updated UI

An update for Painting VR will bring a host of new features and an updated UI on September 30, alongside a slight price increase.

The main focus of the update seems to be adding more options that are available in other painting apps like Vermillion or Brushwork VR, such as new brush options, opacity and color settings. Here’s a description of some of the changes, straight from developers Oisoi:

[Painting VR’s] new ‘Summer Build’ will launch at the end of September with several new features including distance grabbing, an in-game browser, smaller brushers, finger painting option, individual tool settings where users can adjust opacity, blurriness, and many more. It also comes with unlimited colours and an updated user interface.

As you can see in the video embedded above, there will also be an in-game browser, new workbench and the ability to scale a canvas to paint on, as opposed to just painting on the large wall.

Oisoi is also currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Painting VR which is already around 40% funded. Specifically, the Kickstarter’s focus is to raise funds to help add multi-user functionality and bring the Quest native title over to PC VR. The developers say that multi-user support has always been on the roadmap, but with the success of the Early Access launch on App Lab and the high demand, the Kickstarter will help make it a reality.

The aim is to eventually have a customizable home environment for each user to paint in, replacing the current warehouse environment, which they can invite other users to and paint as a group. There’s also scope for painting classes, mini-games and more — you can read more over on the Kickstarter campaign page.

The summer build will be out for Painting VR on September 30, which will also introduce a price increase to $12.99. Until then, you can grab the app on App Lab for $9.99. In 2022, Painting VR will move across to the full Oculus Store.

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