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Painting VR Releases April 14 For Meta Quest, PC VR

Painting VR Releases April 14 For Meta Quest, PC VR

Painting VR releases soon for Quest and PC VR, coming to the Oculus Store and Steam on April 14.

The app simulates acrylic painting on canvas in VR, letting you use a variety of brushes and colours to authentically recreate the real-life painting experience in VR. It takes a slightly more casual, playful approach to painting in VR compared to the recently-released Vermillion, which focuses predominantly on being a realistic wet-on-wet, oil paint simulator.

We first tried Painting VR almost exactly a year ago when it launched in early access for Quest via App Lab. We were very impressed with what we tried, and soon after developers Oisoi announced a 2022 release on the official Quest store was in the works.

This week, the studio announced that Painting VR will launch on April 14 for Quest and PC VR via Steam, alongside a new trailer showcasing some fun new features.

Oisoi also ran a Kickstarter campaign towards the end of last year, which finished with a successful €28,764 raised towards a €27,000 goal. The goal of the Kickstarter was to help add multiplayer  functionality to the app and port the title over to PC VR. While the latter is obviously now a reality, we’re yet to hear anything more on the former.

Oisoi did state last year that the 2022 full release would include multiplayer, but there’s nothing in the trailer to suggest that’s the case just yet. Multiplayer aside, you can spot some new functionality in the release date trailer above. There’s an amusing drill that you can attach multiple brushes to for spinning paint effects, plus you can catch a glimpse of what looks to be a paint-by-numbers canvas as well. The general warehouse area also looks to be expanded drastically, going from just a single area with one canvas last year to a whole warehouse area with multiple artworks in the latest trailer.

Will you be trying out Painting VR? Let us know in the comments.

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