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Paint Fiesta Looks Like Microsoft Paint In Mixed Reality

Paint Fiesta

Paint Fiesta looks like mixed reality Microsoft Paint, turning your living room into a canvas on Quest 2.

Described by developer Mike Festa as inspired by MS Paint, Paint Fiesta launched earlier this month on Quest 2 via App Lab with hand-tracking support. Available for free "for a limited time," Festa is launching a Kickstarter campaign on May 31 to expand this into a full release later this year. Detailed in an email to UploadVR, that includes plans for local multiplayer using shared spatial anchors, remote multiplayer, water balloons filled with paint, paintball guns and more.

"I was inspired to make this game by the fond memories that I have of creating digital content at a young age. It felt like magic to be able to paint on my TV and clean it all up with the click of a button," Festa tells UploadVR in an email.

You can read the official description below:

Reality is your canvas! Paint on your walls, as seen through the passthrough camera, using just your hands. Let your imagination come to life as you experience the future of immersive digital content creation. This app is under active development and your input can help shape its direction!

While Paint Fiesta is available now, keep in mind that Kickstarter is not a preorder system, delays are common and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the features that you pledged toward.

Paint Fiesta is available now on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro. It's also planned for release on PC VR via Steam and the developer wants to bring it to the App Store "when Apple's headset is ready."

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