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Ovrdark: A Do Not Open Story Creeps Onto PSVR 2 This Year

Ovrdark: A Do Not Open Story Creeps Onto PSVR 2 This Year

NoxNoctis revealed OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story, a new VR horror game coming to PSVR 2 this year.

First announced for PSVR in 2020, Do Not Open arrived last year on PC and PS5, dropping Sony’s older headset with plans to develop a PSVR 2 version. However, Do Not Open’s port is now  cancelled and NoxNoctis is instead developing Ovrdark, an original game designed exclusively for VR. In a press release, the team confirms this decision will let them “take the best of the game and enhance it with the experience and possibilities of this technology.” You can see the provisional cover art below.

There’s no trailer for Ovrdark just yet, though NoxNoctis revealed Mike Goreng still plays a key role in Ovrdark. You can read the story description below:

Something weird happens when they arrive, as the house is completely locked and surrounded by an unsettling atmosphere. Without quite knowing how, an opportunity opens up to enter the house and find out what has happened, but all is eerily quiet with no sign of Julia, Ann or Mike, but this won’t stop an investigator and personal friend of Goreng for over ten years from wanting answers. This is the beginning of a new adventure that follows the true story of what happened one fateful night in November 2019 in the Gorengs house.

Ovrdark: A Do Not Open Story arrives for PSVR 2 in 2023. No specific release date was confirmed, though NoxNoctis states it will launch “a few months” after Sony’s new headset, which releases on February 22.

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