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Over A Dozen New Sessions Added To Oculus Connect 5, Focused On Storytelling

Over A Dozen New Sessions Added To Oculus Connect 5, Focused On Storytelling

Facebook’s annual Oculus VR focused press and developer conference is fast-approaching in its 5th installment as Oculus Connect 5. From September 26 – 27 thousands of panelists, executives, media, and developers will descend on the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

Now today, over a dozen new sessions have been announced across a wide variety of topics including storytelling, social presence, and diversity. Previously, talks focused on porting content from Rift to Santa Cruz were confirmed, as well as over a dozen other sessions.

Check the blog post for full descriptions of each session:

Authentically Us: Providing a Platform for Unrepresented Voices in VR
Paula Cuneo, Oculus Partner and Strategic Marketing Director; Shannon Scott, US Air Force Veteran; Jesse Ayala, Fovrth Studios Filmmaker; + Jeremiah Allen, Pride Foundation Project Director

Breaking the Story: Emergent Narrative from Shared Experiences
Colum Slevin, Oculus Head of Experiences

Creative Ways to Get More Eyes on Your App
Caitlin Bigham, Oculus Ecosystems Manager; Peter Howell, Lucifer’s Mask Developer; Tess McCrea Martov Producer; Lucas Rizzotto, Where Thoughts Go Creator

Developing Different Genres in VR: Learnings from the Edge of Reality
Martin De Ronde, Force Field Creative Director

The Future of Home for Rift: Developer + Roadmap Updates
Brandon Dillon, Oculus Rift Product Manager; Lizzy Donahue, Oculus Software Engineer; + Nancy Xiao, Oculus Product Manager

Medium and Quill for Prototyping
Speakers TBA

The Next Generation of Storytelling with Immersive 6DOF Capture
Brian Cabral, Facebook Engineering Director

Oculus Avatars: Maximizing Social Presence, Part II
Mike Howard, Oculus Product Manager

Oculus Go Content Panel: Success for Mass Market VR
Tina Tran, Oculus Developer Relations Specialist; Paul Raphaël, Felix & Paul Studios Co-Founder; Anthony Matchett, MelodyVR ounder; + Melissa Swanepoel, FarBridge Producer

React 360 + Oculus Browser: Uniting the Web with VR
Andrew Mo, Oculus Mobile Product Manager

Unlock the Visual Potential of VR Using Unity’s Scriptable Render Pipeline
Brad Weiers, Unity AR/VR Technical Product Manager

UX Research in VR
Tara Franz, Oculus UX Researcher; Brian Espinosa, Oculus Hardware Researcher; James Lin, Oculus Research Scientist 

VR for Everyone: Lessons for Building Compelling Social VR Experiences
Mike Booth, Facebook Social VR Creative Director; Cecile Eskenazi, Facebook Product Manager; Mike LeBeau, Facebook Product Manager; Cody Sumter, Facebook Product Manager

According to our sources, we’re expecting to hear confirmation of a Q1 2019 targeted release date for the upcoming standalone VR headset from Oculus, code-named Santa Cruz. The Grand Finals of VR League Season 2 will also happen at OC5 that week as well.

Are you going to Oculus Connect this year? We’ll be on the ground covering all the latest from the show! Let us know down in the comments below!

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