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Orthomed & Osso Bringing VR Surgery Training To Animal Health Market

Orthomed & Osso Bringing VR Surgery Training To Animal Health Market

Orthomed, a company that offers veterinary instrumentation and training, is partnering with Osso VR to bring the startup’s VR surgical training platform to the animal health market.

Osso VR’s platform has seen early traction in some medical fields so far, and this new partnership aims to extend the approach and services to veterinarian training. Orthomed says the technology will give veterinarians “access to VR training to gain muscle memory for increasing performance, knowledge and confidence in various procedures” and allow them to practice procedures in VR to increase positive outcomes for surgery in real life.

The first module will focus cruciate ligament repair surgery for dogs — a common procedure that addresses tears in dogs’ knee muscles and allows them to regain mobility.

UploadVR spoke with Osso VR founder and CEO, Dr. Justin Barad, last week about the company’s path so far and the $66 million raised in a recent round of funding. Osso VR currently employs 160 full-time employees, but expects that number to be around 300 by the end of the year and potentially 600-800 in two years’ time.

“Our mission is to improve outcomes, increase the adoption of higher value technologies and techniques and democratize access to surgical education for everyone everywhere,” said Dr. Barad. “And so my vision for Osso VR, however long that may take, five to 10 years, is that every single procedure that you could possibly do is simulated in this universal simulation platform called Osso. And that it is also a central repository for all proficiency data in healthcare.”

You can check out the full interview with Dr. Barad here and learn more about the Osso VR and Orthomed veterinarian training platform over on the Orthomed site.

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