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OrbusVR VR MMORPG Is Three-Years Old And More Popular Than Ever

OrbusVR VR MMORPG Is Three-Years Old And More Popular Than Ever

OrbusVR is the first VR MMO and it’s already been live for over three years. To celebrate the occasion there’s an Anniversary Event going on right now and they’ve just launched the official Quest 2 enhancement update with Quest 2-specific features.

OrbusVR relaunched around the same time the Quest released with its OrbusVR: Reborn version. This version of the game saw a huge visual overhaul, complete rework of the overworld structure, and a total revamp of essentially every part of the VR MMO. It was basically like a relaunch. To celebrate, you can grab a three-year anniversary cake for your home and a cape from the Rewards NPC near Highsteppe.

Three years removed from its original launch, OrbusVR seems to be doing better than ever. According to last week’s blog post in just the past year, the community has killed nearly twice as many monsters as they did in the first two years combined. For an MMO that’s extremely encouraging. It shows that not only is it a “sticky” game that keeps people engaged, but it also shows growth over time in active players, which is crucial for a non-subscription based MMO to survive.

In the first two years players logged a total of 95 years, 6 months, 8 days, and 6 hours in play time. In just the last year alone that number was over 173 years worth of playtime. That’s nearly twice as many hours in half the time.

Some other stats across the same time period: players made nearly 3x as many characters, collected over 4x as much loot, and completed 4x as many dungeons.

“As VR becomes more mainstream, we look forward to seeing even more players join the community,” says the blog post.

With the anniversary the developers are also rolling out Quest 2-specific updates and enhancements. Quest 2 players will now be able to see mounts and toolbelt items on other players and they’ll also see both left and right hands appropriately. Due to the limitations of the original Quest, those things were unfortunately missing in OrbusVR.

They’ve also improved the character deletion process, created a lock button for inventories, and improved Fellowships (guilds) in the game. Other planned content for Q1 2021 includes the Spring Festival and the hard mode version of the Citadel Raid.

You can check out OrbusVR right now for $20 on PC VR or on Oculus Quest, complete with cross-play across all devices. There’s also a free trial up to level 10 available for the PC version as well and it has cross-buy between Quest and the Rift store.

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