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Onward 1.8 Update Brings Turbine Map, Two New Weapons, Performance Improvements

Onward 1.8 Update Brings Turbine Map, Two New Weapons, Performance Improvements

A new update for Onward is available now, bringing new content and performance improvements that should noticeably improve the player’s experience when loading and in-game.


First and foremost, there’s two weapons — the MCX Virtus (pictured above) and the AK104 (pictured below). The former is for the specialist class (Marsoc) and takes a new ammunition type, .300 BLK rounds, which are being added to the game alongside the gun. The latter is also for the specialist class (Volk) and has a unique rail system on the top and front side. You can read more specifics about the weapons here.


The update also features the return of the Turbine map, which was featured in 1.7 of the PC VR version of the game. The map has now been redesigned for cross-platform play, pictured below, featuring 4 levels, multiple rooms and a work elevator to help you get across levels of the map. However you’ll want to be careful — you’re a potential sitting duck if the elevator doors open to opponents waiting for you on the other side.

turbine map onward

In terms of the performance improvements, here’s what the developers had to say:

We wanted to make sure to take some quality time to address the issues with the rising performance reports we were receiving. We felt it was important to get the game back to a better feeling state during gameplay. You will feel the improvements when loading into the game and while playing.

The developers also took time to review the game’s environments, including areas that had been reported by the community.

The 1.8 update is available now for Onward on PC VR and Oculus Quest — you can read full patch notes for the update here.

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