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Onward Patch Aims To Fix Detail Pop-In On PC VR

Onward Patch Aims To Fix Detail Pop-In On PC VR

The developers behind competitive shooter Onward issued a patch to the PC version today meant to improve the game’s graphical fidelity.

Last week the popular shooter from Downpour Interactive came to Oculus Quest while an update the same day for the PC version brought the game up to version 1.8, enabling cross-play between both versions of the game but at the cost (at least for now) of downgraded graphics for PC users. Here’s how that difference looked jumping from version 1.7 of Onward to 1.8 on PC:

Today’s 1.8.1 patch includes “a fix for LOD popping, and fixing several assets on the Suburbia map, both to improve graphical fidelity. We’ve also sped up the death animations and tweaked ambient audio.“ Popping or “pop-in” is when parts of a game level can seem to appear or change quality distractingly right in front of your eyes. The update should be available now for Onward PC owners. The developers also say the update includes a big fix for automatic graphics settings and they suggest to check your graphics settings to “ensure you’re not on the lowest graphics settings!“

There are still some known problems and Downpour plans to “work on the audio issues like gun sounds being quiet” as well as improving the graphics overall.

Onward also recently added a new “gun game” mode for a limited time.

If you’re an Onward player, let us know in the comments below how these updates affect the game.

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