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Omni Creator Virtuix Holds VR eSports Tournament At CES

Omni Creator Virtuix Holds VR eSports Tournament At CES

Austin, Texas-based VR startup, Virtuix, is garnering many headlines here at CES.

Earlier this week the company behind the Omni motion platform announced it would explore the option of a mini-IPO for their next fundraising round. And now, Virtuix will be hosting what they claim is the world’s first VR eSports tournament.

According to the Virtuix website:

We will host the first VR eSports tournament featuring four Omnis on stage and live commentators calling the action. We are an official partner of HTC at the show and have the latest Vive HMD kits on display.


During the game, four players at a time will battle in the Omni Arena. It boasts two fully immersive game modes: co-op, and “Hardpoint.”

In co-op, teams of two work together to protect a central core from waves of oncoming enemies.

In “Hardpoint” each of the four contestants must defend their own core while eliminating as many of the other players as possible.

The tournament will last the duration of CES and takes place at the Virtuix booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Omni sports

Since last year’s CES, Virtuix has been preparing and producing the “Pathfinder” edition of the Omni for consumer release, promising their fans and Kickstarter backers an initial launch of 50 treadmills this January.

The first Pathfinder was delivered in December to a man named Ed Wood by company founder Jan Goetgeluk himself. The company is reporting that production is going well and a larger batch of Omnis will ship next week.

If you aren’t one of the lucky first 50 to get their hands, and feet, on an Omni than perhaps you can make your way to the CES tournament and try for this sweet consolation prize.


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