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Virtuix And HP Sponsor $100,000 Prize Pool For Omni Arena VR Esports

Virtuix And HP Sponsor $100,000 Prize Pool For Omni Arena VR Esports

Virtuix and HP announced that Omni Arena experiences will host a $100,000 VR esports prize pool in 2020, doubling the prize pool from this year. Omni Arena is a VR esports attraction that straps users into a harness while in VR and allows them to run on the spot in a treadmill-like manner, affording them free multi-directional movement in the game world.

Omni Arena attractions are available to the public in 12 different countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, UK and the USA. You can view the full list of available locations on their site.

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The prize pool is shared globally across all locations, and will likely be split across the year in various small contests that run for limited amounts of time. For example, the current schedule for 2019 shows a contest running from October 24-27 for the game Core Defense, which you play in a team of 2. To compete, you just have to play the eligible game during the contest period at any of the Omni Arena locations. Your team’s scores will be placed on the global leaderboard, and there are cash prizes for the top global leaderboard rankings during the contest period.

For this upcoming tournament next week, first prize is $1,000 and an HTC Vive system. This year, the total prize pool was $50,000 across the year. With that amount doubled in 2020, you can expect some even higher cash prizes or more frequent tournaments.

To see upcoming tournaments for the remainder of 2019, you can visit the Omniverse siteWill you be participating in one of the contests next year? Have you tried the Omni Arena system before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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