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Oculus Touch Pre-orders Start Today, New Trailer Released

Oculus Touch Pre-orders Start Today, New Trailer Released

Pre-orders for the $200 Oculus Touch controllers kick off at noon PST and Oculus released a new trailer to get potential buyers excited.

Though the tracked controllers aren’t expected to ship “in volume” until December 6, Touch will be available for pre-order today. People who bought the Oculus Rift early don’t have to rush, though — they have until the end of Oct. 27 to claim a “priority status” spot that should deliver the controllers before they go out to everyone else. Note — you need the same e-mail address that was used to buy the Rift.

The new trailer looks like the one previewed during the Oculus Connect keynote last week, but now that it’s on YouTube a lot more people should be able to get a look at the games coming for the headset. The trailer showcases a mixture of Oculus-funded titles coming exclusively to the platform as well as popular titles, like Space Pirate Trainer and Job Simulator, that already launched for the HTC Vive.

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