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Cyber Monday Oculus Store Discounts Include Quest 2 Games, Bundles

Cyber Monday Oculus Store Discounts Include Quest 2 Games, Bundles

Cyber Monday is here and there’s a bunch of sales on the Oculus Store for Quest, running for one day only.

Similar to the Black Friday sales, there’s a mixture of single-game sales and bundle sales. However, unlike Black Friday sales, these Cyber Monday deals only last for one day, available now (from 12am PT November 29) until 11:59pm PT later this evening. If you want to pull the trigger on anything, you better get in quick.

There’s two Cyber Monday bundles available. The Cyber Simulation Pack includes Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator and Floor Plan 2 for $49.99, a discount of 33% from the regular combined price of $74.97.

The other bundle is the Quest Essentials Pack, which includes Eleven Table Tennis, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, The Climb and In Death: Unchained for $69.99, down 35% from a regular combined price of $109.96.

In terms of single-game sales, there’s a variety of new and older releases with discounts as high as 40%. It’s a different selection than what was on offer last week for Black Friday — here are some of the highlights we found:

– Onward for $14.99 (down 40% from $24.99)

Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister for $20.99 (down 30% from $29.99)

– Kingspray Graffiti for $8.99 (down 40% from $14.99)

– Phantom: Covert Ops for $20.99 (down 30% from $29.99)

– Arcsmith for $15.99 (down 36% from $24.99)

– Swords of Gargantua for $14.99 (down 40% from $24.99)

– Lies Beneath for $17.99 (down 40% from $29.99)

– Carve Snowboarding for $13.99 (down 30% from $19.99)

– Path of the Warrior for $11.99 (down 40% from $19.99)

– Chess Club for $10.49 (down 30% from $14.99)

– Tetris Effect: Connected for $17.99 (down 40% from $29.99)

– Cubism for $6.99 (down 30% from $9.99)

– Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife for $17.99 (down 40% from $29.99)

You can view the full list of discounted games over on the Cyber Monday section of the Oculus Store.

What will you be picking up this Cyber Monday? Let us know in the comments below.

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