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Oculus Rift Price Seemingly Cut In UK & Canada, Now £349 / C$449

Oculus Rift Price Seemingly Cut In UK & Canada, Now £349 / C$449

If you’re in the UK or Canada, the Oculus Rift seemingly just got cheaper. The price is now listed as £349 in the UK and C$449 in Canada Oculus website. Previously the price was £399 / $529.

The price is not listed anywhere as a sale and no other countries are reduced, leading us to believe that this is a permanent price cut. However, Facebook hasn’t made an official statement calling it as such. It’s possible this is just a listing error or unmarked sale.

oculus rift uk price cut

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time the Rift’s price has been cut. The headset (with an Xbox controller for input) went on sale in early 2016 for £599, with the Touch controllers launching later that year for £199, making both together £798.

In March 2017 the headset was reduced to £499 and controllers to £99, making the bundle £598.

In 2017, the Rift was reduced to £399

Summer 2017 saw the introduction of the current single box SKU with the headset and controllers for £499, with an introductory sale of £399. The £499 price only lasted for a matter of weeks, however. In October at the Oculus Connect 4 conference the £399 price was made permanent.

We’ve reached out to Facebook to confirm this isn’t a listing error or unmarked sale. We’ve also asked whether price cuts are planned for other countries. We’ll update this article with their response.


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