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This Guy Used an Oculus Rift to Propose to His Girlfriend

This Guy Used an Oculus Rift to Propose to His Girlfriend

One virtual reality enthusiast proposed recently to his girlfriend using an Oculus Rift. The above video should get you misty eyed around 6 minutes in.

It starts out like a movie trailer.

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The suspense builds up to a reveal of their faces.

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Then he proposes.

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“Are you serious?!”

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A top comment on the Reddit thread where the video was first shared sums it up.



It’s not the first time someone used VR for a marriage proposal. There was an adorable Google Cardboard proposal too early last year followed by a member of the Valve team creating a VR experience to propose marriage, getting down on one knee and holding a Vive controller with a virtual ring on it. The virtual ring was quickly replaced by a real-life ring.


I love the creativity in each proposal. With no previous examples to build from, these three guys essentially came up with very different approaches to asking the same question. One produced a video, another made a full experience, and another used the real world in a very creative way to put together a flash mob of friends and family.

Given that there are at least three of these VR marriage proposals already and more headsets are coming out later this year, including Daydream and PlayStation VR, these guys are likely just the first to try this. While they set the bar high for creativity, everything is possible in VR so there’s still plenty of opportunities for new ways to ask the love of your life to marry you. Just make sure you have a real ring waiting for him or her when they get out of VR.

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