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Oculus Quest Store 2020 Stats: 170+ Apps And Strong Cross-Buy Support

Oculus Quest Store 2020 Stats: 170+ Apps And Strong Cross-Buy Support

Almost a year after launch, the Oculus Quest’s store features 170 apps/games, 82 of which support cross-buy between Quest and the Rift platform.

The Oculus Quest, Facebook’s standalone all-in-one VR headset, launched in May 2019 and has proven to be popular with developers and consumers alike. There were more than 50 apps or games in the launch lineup, and in the months since, the amount of content on the Quest store has increased significantly. Many games that previously released on other platforms have been ported over to the Quest across the course of the year. Likewise, some new releases in the last year launched simultaneously on the Quest, while others released on other platforms first and Quest at a later date. There’s also been a handful of Quest exclusive games, and some content that released on Quest first and came to other platforms later.

We examined the Oculus sStore listings to break down the numbers behind the content available for the Oculus Quest. We also contacted Facebook to check our manual count against their totals. Oculus calls all software in its store “experiences” so we made our own count of what qualifies as an “app” or “game”. So depending on your own definitions of what qualifies as a game or app, the percentage breakdown below could shift a bit. We plan to update this list through at least the 1-year anniversary of Oculus Quest’s release on May 21, 2020.

Oculus Quest Store By The Numbers

Oculus Quest Store Content (7)

At the time of publication, there are 170 total items (games and apps) available to download on the standalone Quest from the Oculus Store. Of these 170, 113 are games, 50 are apps and 7 are demo versions of paid apps.

Theses numbers include Oculus apps that are listed in the Oculus Quest store, such as Oculus Browser, Oculus Venues, Oculus TV, First Steps and First Contact.

For this article, we thought it would be useful to draw a more sharp distinction between the two loose categories of content available on the Quest.  In some cases, the distinction between what classifies as an app and a game is clear cut. However, in borderline cases, we chose to categorize experiences that put a strong focus on educational content over traditional gaming mechanics or objectives (such as Apollo 11 or Mission: ISS) as apps and not games.

Oculus Quest Store Content (8)Out of the 163 total experiences (excluding demos of paid games) in the Oculus Quest store, the content is split 70% paid and 30% free.

Game Releases for Oculus Quest (6)Looking at Oculus Quest games specifically, 67 games (59%) are ports of titles that released on other platforms before the launch of the Oculus Quest. Looking at multi-platform titles that released post-Quest launch, 29 games (26%) released simultaneously on the Quest and other VR platforms. There were 7 games (6%) that released first on the Oculus Quest before any other VR headset, but were then subsequently released on other platforms at a later date.

Conversely, post-Quest launch, 6 games (5%) released on other VR platforms first before releasing on Quest at a later date. There are only 2 fully Quest-exclusive games (Bogo, Time Stall) and 2 games (Radial-G: Proteus, Death Horizon: Reloaded) that are remastered versions of a previously released game with new/updated content and/or improved visuals.

Oculus Quest Games (Paid) (2)When examining paid games for Oculus Quest, 72% of paid games on the store support cross-buy between Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. Out of the 32 paid games that do not support cross-buy, only 2 are not available on the Rift platform at all (Radial-G: Proteus and Time Stall).

Quest Games With Cross-Buy Support (2)

Taking a closer look at the 82 Oculus Quest games with cross-play support, 54% are ports and 32% were simultaneous releases. Additionally, all 7 games that launched on Quest first and other platforms (including Rift) later support cross-buy.

Quest Games Without Cross-Buy Support (1)

While there is a lower total number of games without cross-buy support, a higher majority (69%) of games without cross-buy support are ports. The overwhelming majority of games that launched simultaneously on Quest and other platforms support cross-buy — there are only 2 simultaneous releases that don’t support cross-buy out of 26 total.

Overall, the data reveals some notable trends in the content available on the Oculus Quest, after 11 months on the market. Keep your eye out for regular updates on the Quest store data here on UploadVR, along with a deeper examination of this data and more coming next month for the Quest’s 1-year anniversary.

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