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Oculus Quest Out Of Stock, Some Resellers Tripling Prices Ahead Of Christmas

Oculus Quest Out Of Stock, Some Resellers Tripling Prices Ahead Of Christmas

Oculus Quest is becoming more and more difficult to purchase as we get closer and closer to Christmas, especially if you want the device to arrive before the holiday.

Both the 64GB and 128GB models of the Oculus Quest are out of stock on Amazon, at the time of writing, with resellers gouging consumers at extraordinarily inflated prices. Likewise, the Oculus Store in the United States shows a shipping date of January 29 and 24 for both the 64GB and 128GB models respectively. Best Buy online in the United States is also sold out of the standalone headset from Facebook.

On Amazon in the United States, the $400 64GB model is being sold by third-parties through Amazon from prices starting at $895, going up to $1,100 – almost 3x the original retail price. Similarly, prices for the $500 128GB model from third party sellers on Amazon start at $1000 and go up as high as $1500. These third party sellers often don’t have the same fast shipping guarantees as Amazon either, so as we get closer to Christmas Day, it becomes less likely that an order from these resellers would reach you in time.

With the Amazon US store out of stock and the Oculus US Store not shipping units until January, it seems possible that demand for the Oculus Quest over the holiday season might be out-performing Facebook’s expectations. Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said of Quest “we’re selling them as fast as we can make them.” The headset comes bundled with all three episodes of Vader Immortal from now until the end January as well – only extra incentive to push previously tentative buyers over the edge.

Reports from Europe on Twitter suggest that the Quest was still in stock on Oculus’ European store, but not shipping until December 20. The Australian Oculus Store is showing a dispatch date of December 17.

Valve’s high-end PC VR headset, the Index, is also backordered until February on Steam.

Have you purchased an Oculus Quest as a gift this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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