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Oculus Quest Goes 'Out Of Stock' In North America After Backorder

Oculus Quest Goes 'Out Of Stock' In North America After Backorder

Update February 7: Facebook said it expects the Coronavirus to impact production of Oculus Quest.

Oculus Quest is ‘Out of Stock’ in some countries after being backordered into March.

We’ve been closely following availability of the standalone VR headset from Facebook with CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying sales “are stronger than we expected.” In mid-January, shipping estimates for new orders of the headset in the United States from the company’s own website were pushed into March. Valve’s high-end PC-only headset the Valve Index was also heavily backordered on Steam before the company stopped accepting new orders. In January, Valve said it would try to get the headset back in stock before the release of highly anticipated VR game Half-Life: Alyx in March.

oculus quest unavailable message

Oculus Quest is a completely standalone VR headset that operates without any wires. The all-in-one system starts at $400 and works in wireless mode with some of the most popular VR games, like Superhot, Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, but an optional mode for the headset called Oculus Link makes it compatible over a USB 3 cord with PC VR games as well. That means the headset is one of the most versatile and robust options for people wanting both the wireless freedom of standalone VR games and the option to play PC VR games like Alyx over a wired connection to a compatible computer.

At the time of this writing Quest is out of stock in the United States and Canada from the official company site and on Amazon it says the headset will be back in stock on February 16. It is still showing as available elsewhere though, like England, where it will ship by February 12, according to the official site. Quest might also be found in some physical stores. We’ve asked Facebook for comment about demand and availability of the headset and will update this post if we hear back.

Hat tip to Marketstuff99 for alerting us to the headset being “Out of Stock.” 

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