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Oculus Says No Plans For Cross-Buy Between Go And Quest

Oculus Says No Plans For Cross-Buy Between Go And Quest

Correction: We reached out to Facebook and a representative issued the following statement and said the company would have updates about its app distribution soon:

Oculus Quest will have a different store and requirements than Oculus Go and Rift. As they are different devices with different inputs there are no plans to implement cross-buying from Oculus Go to Oculus Quest at this time.

A field in the Oculus Platform Settings shows a shared App ID for Oculus Go/Quest and Gear VR because the platforms share an SDK. Here’s a screenshot showing the field:

oculus go oculus quest crossbuy

This field, however, is apparently not an indication of cross-buy support from Oculus. Still, Oculus has yet to reveal its full plans for headset development across multiple Facebook headsets. We’ll update as soon as we get more information regarding cross-buy features from Facebook.

This post is updated from an earlier version which suggested the field might be an indication of cross-buy features.

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