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Oculus Quest 2 Referral Program Jumpstarts Playing Together

Oculus Quest 2 Referral Program Jumpstarts Playing Together

Facebook is now offering a referral program that suggests friends from your network to buy Oculus Quest 2 and grants store credit to those that take up the offer.

Facebook says it will give out $60 in store credit — $30 to the referrer and $30 to the new buyer — when the new headset is activated in connection with the program. Some popular multiplayer games like Onward are priced around $29.99, so the program can effectively jumpstart multiplayer gaming sessions with the standalone Quest 2 by paying for the cost of the game for both players.

The program can be found in the Oculus app under a diamond symbol on the main screen with terms listed here. The website states that the program is limited to two uses per month and it is valid until the end of October 2021, though it might be extended. Facebook provides a list of suggested referrals and a button that, when pressed, immediately sends a referral link over Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is on a multi-year journey to lower prices for VR hardware and get more people into its headsets. Late last year the company started requiring the devices be used in association with a Facebook account and, in recent weeks, faced backlash for testing advertising inside a paid VR app, which Facebook’s head of VR Andrew Bosworth said was “going to drive lower prices for consumers.”

“I’m pretty inclined to take whatever gains we could get, from things like an app store, and just use that to make the price lower,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this year.

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