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Oculus Preview Event To Highlight Multiplayer Games

Oculus Preview Event To Highlight Multiplayer Games

March 28 is launch day for the Oculus Rift and as soon as that calendar flips over from 03/27 you will finally be able to get your hands on the long-awaited VR headset. Well, okay, you’ll get it as long as you pre-ordered back in January. Actually, to be completely clear, you’ll only get the Rift on the 28th if you were able to snag a unit within the first 0.4 micro-seconds after the pre-order went live. Oh, and you might have to allow for shipping time of course. In any case, March 28 is still the official launch day and just 15 days before the big one Oculus will be hosting a launch preview event in San Francisco where Facebook’s VR division will highlight multiplayer experiences.

The invite-only media event, called Oculus Game Days, will run from March 13-15. Oculus is not ready to release the full list of experiences that will be shown. What is known, however, is that Game Days will be a showcase that specifically highlights multiplayer experiences available for the platform.

Multiplayer VR gaming is a hot topic right now. VR is sometimes painted as an isolating experience, but studios like Survios are showing us all just how engaging and addictive an active, cooperative experience inside a headset can be.

Game Days is taking place alongside GDC 2016, which will lumber into the Moscone Center on March 14 in tandem with a first-ever Virtual Reality Developers Conference. Oculus is clearly planning to capitalize on this momentum to get some exposure for the Rift’s launch library.

UploadVR will be attending and we will give you the inside scoop on everything being shown as soon as we lay eyes on it ourselves. Stay tuned.

Clarification: This post was updated with additional information.

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