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Oculus Medium Won't Be On Quest, Requires "The Power And Memory Of A PC"

Oculus Medium Won't Be On Quest, Requires "The Power And Memory Of A PC"

If you were hoping to do some VR sculpting on Oculus Quest, you may be out of luck. The Rift app Oculus Medium won’t be coming to Quest. Facebook says it requires “the power and memory of a PC”.

Standalone VR is great- it’s affordable and wireless. Over the past few months and throughout GDC we’ve been hearing about plenty of games coming to the $399 standalone headset. Developers have been working hard to optimize their art assets and code to make them run on the Snapdragon 835 SoC.

But some apps and games simply can’t be brought to standalone. They depend on the power of a PC. If you want to know the extent of this difference, check out our article Standalone vs PC VR Power Compared: How Big Is the Difference?

Facebook is positioning Quest as a games console. The company has repeatedly told developers that the focus of the device’s content library is gaming. That’ll disappoint potential buyers who were hoping to unleash their creativity in VR.

Facebook’s other VR art app, Quill, won’t be coming to Quest either. But thankfully Quest will act as a Quill viewer. You’ll (though perhaps not at launch) be able to view Quill creations. At XRDC Facebook explained the efforts they’ve been taking to make this work, including making a custom Android renderer for the format.

Thankfully, there will be competing apps to Medium with a similar featureset. SculptrVR launched to PSVR last year, and is already available on Oculus Go. It’ll be available on Oculus Quest, allowing the same kind of sculpting experience, if not all the features.


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