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Oculus Go & Quest Enterprise Editions Expected To Launch This Year

Oculus Go & Quest Enterprise Editions Expected To Launch This Year

A job listing spotted by Variety reveals that “Enterprise Editions” of Oculus Go and Quest are in the works. The listing claims that the editions will launch “in 2019”.

The job is listed as having the following responsibilities:

  • Design and develop enterprise features into Oculus mobile VR system applications
  • Design and develop VR frameworks to enable enterprise use cases such as corporate training
  • Ensure security and privacy concerns remain a top priority and are identified and addressed
  • Work with external developers innovating on future-of-work experiences

Facebook already sells Oculus Go to businesses through the Oculus For Business program. At $299 per unit the bundle includes 64GB of storage, a commercial warranty, and two facial interfaces.

But the software is still not tailored for enterprise use. Facebook’s target with Go has been mass market consumers. Features needed to make it a practical business product like a kiosk mode still don’t exist, but it’s planned for future. The OS also can’t be locked down or customized for enterprise needs.

HTC on the other hand has taken the opposite approach. The Vive Focus standalone is intended primarily for enterprise, not consumers. For $150 per headset the company offers Kiosk Mode, batch configuration, and remote app deployment. Just last month a higher end version, Vive Focus Plus, was announced with 6DoF controllers.

Enterprise editions of Go and Quest could be significant competition for HTC. While a less capable device, Go is only a fraction of the cost. And Quest offers the same resolution and 6DoF controllers capability as the Focus Plus- yet still at a lower price. If the Focus Plus is considerably higher priced than the $599 Focus, HTC could be in trouble in the enterprise market.

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