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Oculus And ESL Announce VR League: Season 2 With Over $220K In Prizes

Oculus And ESL Announce VR League: Season 2 With Over $220K In Prizes

Last year Oculus, Intel, and ESL teamed up to launch the VR Challenge League, the world’s first largescale VR esports event. Now, starting tomorrow, it’s coming back as VR League: Season 2 from Oculus once again in partnership with global esports network, ESL.

Previously the league only tracked competition in The Unspoken and Echo Arena, but now it’s expanding to include even more games. Starting tomorrow, May 18th, The Unspoken will be the focus of the league, followed by Sprint Vector in June starting on June 4th. Two more titles will be unveiled for prized play in July and August, plus even more games after that.

Echo Arena will be back on the board starting May 20th for four weeks of competition. In the future, Echo Combat will also be included, the next upcoming iteration of the Echo sports subgenre established by developers Ready at Dawn.

Finally, the official VR League will also help support the VR Master League and the community surrounding military simulation shooter, Onward, via the Onward Invitational from June 16th – 17th. This Invitational will also contribute proceeds to Stack Up, a charity supporting US and Allied veterans through video games.

Across all of the competitions VR League: Season 2 features a prize pool of over $220K USD and up to seven total games across five months of competition. The grand finale will be held at Oculus Connect 5 later this year.

To learn more and sign up to participate, you can head over to the official VR League website. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!


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