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Oculus Currently Has 45 Open Positions For Those Looking To Build The Future

Oculus Currently Has 45 Open Positions For Those Looking To Build The Future

Since the Facebook acquisition of Oculus in March of 2014 the company has been rapidly growing its team. We saw Oculus poach Pixar talent for their Story Studio, but they are not stopping that growth anytime soon. Heading towards a – ahem – consumer release the team is only going to keep growing.

As of today Oculus currently has 45 positions open to engineers, scientists, graphics programmers, industrial designers and perceptual psychologists who are ready to create the future of virtual reality technology from the ground up. Among the current openings are positions as game engineer and game designer, both of which promise to allow you to be “at the forefront of prototyping, producing and shipping throughout development process.”

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Some of the perks of working at Oculus:

  1. Flexible hours, free food, happy hours, team trips, and free Oculus hardware.
  2. Access to the latest VR and AR prototypes and the tools and components to build anything you could possibly imagine.
  3. Access to hardware labs full of 3D printers, motion capture hardware, and robots.
  4. Access to Palmer Luckey’s exclusive Oculus employee flip flops*  

Oculus promises, “You’ll have the freedom to explore and attack the infinitely large set of challenges ahead of us, whether that’s tinkering on tweaks to sensor fusion or developing entirely new methods of human-computer interaction.” 35 of the 45 open positions are based out of their main offices in Menlo Park, California. The remaining 10 positions are for their Seattle office.

Oculus offers competitive salaries and a full range of benefits including comprehensive health care and 401k. Apply for an open position here.



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