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Facebook Tells Oculus Developers To Disable Broken Cloud Saves

Facebook Tells Oculus Developers To Disable Broken Cloud Saves

Oculus Quest’s Cloud Storage system is preventing some apps from launching.

First noticed by Android Central, a Facebook staffer issued a statement on the Oculus forums. The statement suggests that no fix is planned and, instead, Facebook is “building a new version” of Cloud Storage while recommending developers stop using the current version. The current cloud storage system shipped back in July 2019, a few months after the launch of Oculus Quest.

No timeline was given for the release of the new version, nor details of how it differs from the current solution. Without cloud storage, uninstalling a game or resetting your headset will lead to the loss of all in-game progress.

The developers of Cubism and Hand Physics Lab mention seeing some 1-star reviews from frustrated users unaware of issues connected to Facebook’s latest software changes.

“I recently had a series of 1-star reviews after the v32 OS update caused some people start-up problems,” wrote Cubism dev Thomas Van Bowel on Twitter

Cubism has now followed Facebook’s suggestion, removing cloud save functionality.

If you do need to uninstall apps or restart your headset, third party tool SideQuest offers a PC-based feature for manually backing up save files.

Clarification: Sentence updated after publication with more context on dev reports.


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