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'Obduction' VR Release is Delayed Again at The Last Minute on Launch Day

'Obduction' VR Release is Delayed Again at The Last Minute on Launch Day

The moment that thousands upon thousands of fans around the world — many of which paid their hard-earned cash to Cyan Worlds via Kickstarter — have all been waiting for finally arrived today, on August 24th, 2016. The spiritual successor to both Myst and Riven, the adventure game to bring back the glory days, is finally releasing. Today, Obduction is out.

Well, at least it is for standard PC, non-VR gamers. At the very last minute, Cyan announced today that the VR release is not ready yet. Previously, the game received a sudden delay, as it was intended to originally release near the end of July. An update on the game’s Kickstarter page reads as follows:

“The VR (Rift) version of Obduction is coming soon. Sorry for the slight delay, but it needs a bit more optimizations and some UI polishing. The good news is that your code will also give you the full VR version. Everyone who gets the game will get the VR version. No questions asked, no hidden fees or handling charges. 😉 We don’t have an exact ship date for it, yet. We’ve got an update already underway that we’ll be testing as a possible candidate for VR release. We’ll keep you updated on the VR progress.”

We noted the delay in our review that just published this morning. While the VR edition of the game is not ready for public consumption yet, UploadVR was provided with an early access build via Oculus Home nevertheless to conduct our review. If you can stomach waiting just a bit longer, we definitely think you will not be disappointed.

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Kickstarter games have a long history of delays, so the news comes as less of a surprise and more of a disappointment. VR fans that were excitedly waiting to play the game today, along with everyone else, will need to wait just a bit longer. Although, it appears to be very close to release, and you can always get started outside of VR now since all versions of the game will support VR, according to the update.

The game is now available for download on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store. Our review was based on the version that will be available through Oculus Home. The Mac version appears to be delayed as well.

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