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Open-World Online VR RPG Nostos Global Alpha Test Coming This April

Open-World Online VR RPG Nostos Global Alpha Test Coming This April

It’s rare that a game can so entirely capture my attention purely from its art style alone, but that’s what happened with Nostos. Announced back at Gamescom 2018 by Netease, Nostos employs a gorgeously colorful anime-inspired art style and features some of the most captivating art work I’ve seen yet for a VR game. Even just the way the website evolves and changes images as you scroll is amazing.

We got the chance to try it out at Gamescom very, very briefly and came away with more questions than answers, but it’s still pretty high on my list of anticipated games for the year. And since it’s coming to both PC VR headsets like Rift and Vive, as well as non-VR PC users with cross-platform multiplayer (similar to VR Chat) hopefully that means player population won’t be as big of an issue.

When I first watched the trailer the first thing I thought of was Sword Art Online. Rarely do we see a VR game trailer that’s so focused on the atmosphere of its world rather than the interactivity and physicality of being in VR, so that was a bit refreshing to me. Initially I thought it was an MMO because of the SpatialOS integration, but that’s not really the case even though it is an open-world online RPG.

We heard from a representative at Netease that the Alpha Test is slated for mid-to-late April and will run through Steam. There won’t be an NDA so you can expect to see footage and coverage of what we think once that kicks off. You can register at the site right now.

With OrbusVR Reborn on the horizon and now this, things are looking quite appealing for fans of VR and MMO-style games. Let us know what you think of this one so far down in the comments below!

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