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F1 22 Developers: 'No Plans' For PSVR Support

F1 22 Developers: 'No Plans' For PSVR Support

In an interview with TechRadar, the developers of F1 22 stated they have “no plans at this time” to bring PSVR support to the game on PS5.

Back in April, developer Codemasters announced that F1 22, the upcoming title in the annual F1 game franchise, would release with full optional VR support on PC. The game is also set to release on other platforms, including PS5, so we remained hopeful that we might see PSVR 2 support down the line.

However, with PSVR 2 now unlikely to launch this year, we might have to wait for the next annual installment for that to eventuate. In an interview with TechRadar, F1 22’s Senior Creative Director Lee Mather stated there was “no plans at this time” for PSVR support, with the VR mode staying exclusive to the PC release for now.

“We’ve been investigating VR for some time and we want to bring it to our F1 game without compromise,” Mather told TechRadar. “We have partnered with a team who has worked on other Codemasters’ titles and it has taken several years to get us to this point where we know we can deliver a premium experience for our players.”

We got our first look at PC VR gameplay of F1 22, and it’s a shame that it won’t be coming to PSVR 2 in any capacity just yet. That being said, even if the developers intended to add PSVR 2 support for F1 22, by the time the headset actually releases, we’ll likely be closer to the release of F1 23. Here’s hoping that something is being planned for that release, at the very least.

If nothing else, we’re still  holding out for eventual PSVR 2 support for Gran Turismo 7 later down the line.

You can read more about PC VR support for F1 22 here and check out some gameplay here.

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