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No Man's Sky Waypoint Update Adds 'Relaxed' Mode With Less Grinding

No Man's Sky Waypoint Update Adds 'Relaxed' Mode With Less Grinding

No Man’s Sky is now easier for new players to get into with its latest “relaxed” mode update.

The first few hours of No Man’s Sky can be quite the grind. The title is an incredible experience as one of VR’s best games with vast worlds, planet-to-space flying, multiplayer and robust building tools. It could be a bit challenging to learn how to grapple with the game’s many systems, though, but the latest update adds significant new features to customize gameplay to exactly the level you want.

“The new relaxed preset provides an accessible, laid-back experience of No Man’s Sky. Perfect for players who want to experience all facets of gameplay, from story to survival to combat, with reduced danger and minimal grind,” development studio Hello Games notes in the latest patch notes. “Nearly all difficulty settings can be tweaked and adjusted at any time, so you can continue to refine your play experience during the journey. Players with existing saves can adjust their settings to take advantage of new survival challenges or the simplicity of relaxed mode, and continue to change back and forth as they wish.”

Check out the latest in the trailer embedded below:

The feature is part of the Waypoint update now live in No Man’s Sky. It launches alongside a Nintendo Switch version of the game that’s now live as well. No Man’s Sky is on a very large number of platforms now and while the game features cross-play across most of them, we’ve been told it “isn’t one of our launch features” for the Switch version of the game just yet.

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