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No Man's Sky VR Release Date Confirmed For This August

No Man's Sky VR Release Date Confirmed For This August

No Man’s Sky: Beyond, which includes complete VR support for the entire game, finally has a confirmed release date for this August 14th.

That’s less than two weeks away in case you didn’t realize. In less than two weeks you can plop on a VR headset and take off for space to explore the stars, visit far-away galaxies, or explore entire planets from top to bottom. And we can tell that a lot of you are excited as well.

Sky’s The Limit

Earlier this year Hello Games announced No Man’s Sky: Beyond, a new overhaul of the game that would include revamped online features and VR support. A third and final component of the release is still under wraps for now. We should know a bit more about No Man’s Sky VR before the date, hopefully, to further whet appetites.

The No Man’s Sky VR release date news is exciting, but not too surprising. Just yesterday we learned about the game getting rated by the ESRB and Sean Murray made comments about the massive scope of the game not far before that.

Since No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated game world that means that it’s functionally limitless. The game holds billions of planets in its digital universe, all ready to be mapped and explored. Players can even terraform planets and build structures. Or you can focus on the game’s core objective, gradually making your way to the center of the universe. Either that or just, y’know, do whatever you want. Hello Games has even gone the extra mile and implemented hand controllers like PlayStation Move. The Beyond update will be free to all existing owners.

No Man’s Sky VR is coming to PSVR and PC VR headsets on August 14th. Let us know if you plan on playing down in the comments below! Once it launches, we plan on founding Planet Upload somewhere with a nice green sky.

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