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No Man’s Sky PSVR 2 Update Brings 'Significant Improvement To Image Quality'

No Man’s Sky PSVR 2 Update Brings 'Significant Improvement To Image Quality'

Hello Games launched the Interceptor update for No Man’s Sky across all platforms today, featuring major new mechanics for the planetary exploration game.

No Man’s Sky’s continues to layer on new features into the cross-platform title years on from its VR release in 2019. The latest “Interceptor” update focuses on a new “corruption” throughout the universe bringing with it major changes, alongside new “huge Sentinel Capital ships” to engage with in space combat.

The new update also includes new wrist interface controls for VR, allowing you to reposition the menus to any part of your hand. The patch notes also lists “significant improvement to image quality” on PSVR 2. We noted in our recent review that the game isn’t the most visually stunning experience on Sony’s new headset, but nonetheless a step-up from the offering on the original PSVR system. Hopefully the changes in the Interceptor update bump up the render resolution and resolve some of the blurriness that was present in the PSVR 2 release at launch.

No Man’s Sky remains one of VR’s best games and you can find the full patch notes for No Man’s Sky version 4.2 are available here, with some highlights noted here:

SALVAGED INTERCEPTORS: Expand your fleet with your very own salvaged Sentinel Interceptor starship. Hunt down your perfect Sentinel ship, or collect a whole range of these sleek procedurally-generated Interceptors.

CORRUPTED PLANETS: A darkness spreads through the Sentinel horde. Many fortified worlds have succumbed to corruption, with strange crystals sprouting from the earth and their robot guardians twisted into bizarre new forms. Explore these purple-hazed worlds to find new buildings, crashed interceptors, secret equipment and more…

MOVABLE WRIST PROJECTORS: The high-tech projector interfaces for accessing menus in VR can now be grabbed and moved, allowing full custom control over their position. Reattach the wrist projectors to any location around your hand or Multi-Tool.

INTERCEPTOR VARIETY: Sentinel fleets have evolved. System authority ships now appear in hundreds of procedurally-generated variations, dramatically diversifying their silhouettes and styles.

CORRUPTED SENTINELS: The strange power flowing through corrupted worlds has warped the Sentinels beyond recognition. Colossal semi-arachnid machines stalk these discordant worlds, ready to pounce upon unwary Travellers. Those who take on the corrupted swarm should beware their devastating flamethrowers and long-distance explosives.

INTERCEPTOR COCKPIT: For the first time, step inside a Sentinel ship and see the universe from the perspective of an Interceptor. Operate and interact with this advanced Sentinel technology up-close, piloting an Interceptor ship from its unusual vestigial cockpit.

HARVEST THE CORRUPTION: As you wander dissonant worlds, direct your Mining Laser towards the ethereal radiant shards bursting from the terrain. Collect the anomalous crystals to fuel your salvaged Sentinel technology, or harvest and refine new resources directly from the remains of defeated Sentinel forces.

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