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Niantic Hosting Lightship AR Dev Kit Launch Event On Nov. 8

Niantic Hosting Lightship AR Dev Kit Launch Event On Nov. 8

Niantic, the technology company behind Pokemon Go, is set to launch its Lightship AR developer kit on November 8.

There’s a registration page for the “Niantic Lightship Virtual Global Launch” event which kicks off at 10 am on Monday, November 8, but there aren’t too many details yet as to what’s going to be announced other than an early look at what’s been made on the platform during a private testing period.

Niantic previously partnered with Qualcomm and earlier this year teased what looks like AR glasses, but there’s no word whether hardware details will be shared on Monday. Last month, Niantic acquired a company to help build out the Lightship software development kit which is meant to help other developers build augmented reality apps powered by the same technology as Pokemon Go. As the company transitions into a platform, Niantic itself is also launching new games powered by the technology but also shutting down others.

Here’s the announced lineup of speakers and the subjects they’ll cover:

  • John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, will kick things off with a “behind the pixels” look at Niantic’s vision for the Metaverse and how Lightship provides developers worldwide with the ability to contribute their ideas to an inspiring community of augmented reality experiences
  • Amanda Whitt, Lightship’s Product Manager, and Erika Kato, our Developer Experience Lead, will take us on a deep dive into Lightship’s features
  • Dan Morris, Head of Developer Relations, will share an unfettered look at Lightship’s features in action, introducing us to the community of early developers and giving us a preview of the fantastic things they’ve been creating on the platform
  • Meghan Hughes, Head of Lightship Marketing, will introduce us to a few of the early brands developing experiences using Lightship
  • To close out the experience, join us for a live Q & A at 11:15 am PST with a few of Niantic’s technical team members

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