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NextVR is bringing the best seat in the house to your living room, exclusive interview with DJ Roller

NextVR is bringing the best seat in the house to your living room, exclusive interview with DJ Roller

We had a great conversation in the lobby of the Bellagio where we talked about the process of filming VR content, the importance of empowering filmmakers and creators to develop their own content, and where next is heading next, yes, pun absolutely intended.

NextVR is capable of producing 4k, 60fps, 360-degree live stream video at a bandwidth that can be viewed on your mobile phone. They accomplish this through a camera agnostic system that is aimed at “empowering filmmakers and creators to create their own content.” That being said, NextVR also produces their own content, including the upcoming full release of the Coldplay concert filmed for VR. DJ Roller also reveals they are working on “a lot of different events for the major sports leagues.” This content will all be complete with a multi-angle live stream viewing system that will allow you to chose your viewing perspective. This content will all be available on an upcoming application as well as through a web based content delivery system.

For more information be sure to listen to our full interview with DJ Roller below:

About NextVR

NextVR is a technology company that captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences. From rock concerts to sporting events to fashion shows, and everything in-between – viewers are transported into life-like experiences with true broadcast quality. It’s better than being there. Launched in 2009, NextVR has a vast IP portfolio with more than seventeen patents granted and pending for the capture, compression, transmission, and display of virtual reality content. No other company can compete with this. NextVR also allows content to be streamed with pristine quality using current home and mobile Internet connections. Founded by veterans in stereoscopic imaging technology, software development and an award-winning filmmaker – NextVR provides a deeply immersive experience. You’re in it, not watching it. For more information, go to


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