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Next Move Promises Joystick-Free Platforming This Fall On Quest & PC VR

Next Move VR platformer

Next Move presents a unique platformer with joystick-free movement, and it's coming this fall on Quest and PC VR.

Focused on platforming based around your physical movements, Next Move takes place across "dreamlike worlds" filled with fantasy architecture set against various challenges. "Climb to the top of a rotating tower, chase a fleeing gondola across a misty lake, and jump over crumbling stone pillars," says Prague-based developer Typico Games in a press release. Here's the announcement trailer:

You can briefly glimpse gameplay above and Typico Games further outlined how this works. Running involves moving your hands like you do while running or walking. Jumping requires swinging both hands upwards. Climbing requires grabbing ladders with your hands. Finally, air control requires swinging your hands in the air.

Here's an official description:

Next Move is a VR platformer where all movement corresponds to the player's movement. Your ability to run, jump and climb will be put to the test on a journey into dreamy worlds filled with fantastic architecture. But to succeed, you must also fight off enemies and eventually even manipulate time.

Next Move arrives on November 30 on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR. If you're interested in trying it out sooner, a demo with three levels is currently available on Steam, App Lab and SideQuest.

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