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New To VR? Start Here – Quest 2, PC VR, PSVR Christmas Guide

New To VR? Start Here – Quest 2, PC VR, PSVR Christmas Guide

So, you’ve just got a Quest 2 or another VR headset for Christmas and you’re wondering where to start, what games to download or how to jump into the metaverse? We’ve got you covered.

Virtual reality can be a bit intimidating to newcomers. It’s hard to know what you should do first and what’s available for your headset. We’ve put together a list of articles that should help you narrow down your options and get stuck into some awesome experiences over the holidays.

General VR Information

best vr headset 2020 oculsu quest 2 reverb g2 psvr

Our ‘New to VR?’ Page

If you want the biggest overview of everything, then we have a tailored-made page designed for anyone who is starting out with VR for the first time. There might be a fair amount of cross-over with the articles below, but if you want to see everything in a big clear grid then head over there.

You can visit our New to VR? hub here.

VR FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

If you want an overview of all the important VR concepts and terminology, this is where to go. This won’t give you an overview of what apps to download or what to do on your new headset (more on that below) – it’s more a theoretical summary of everything and less of an immediate practical guide for your shiny new headset.

Nonetheless, if you want to get up to date on all the correct words, phrases and technology behind the headsets, this is the place to go.

Our YouTube Channel

More of a video person? Check out our YouTube channel – we have trailers, interviews, game reviews, gameplay, graphics comparisons and our weekly podcasts (the VR Download for hardware and the VR Gamescast for software) broadcast live from our VR studio.

Best VR Games – All Platforms

best vr games 2021

If you just want a list of the best VR has to offer across any and all platforms, then this list is for you. Some experiences are available on all headsets, while others are platform-specific to headsets like Quest or PSVR.

If you’re looking for more genre-specific lists, such as best shooters or best multiplayer games, then head over to the New to VR? page where you can find specific lists for types of games.

VR Motion Sickness – Our Tips and Tricks

Not everyone experiences VR nausea, but a lot of people do. Many experiences won’t use artificial movement and therefore should be good for newcomers, however those with artificial movement might take some getting used to – it can take a while to grow out your ‘VR legs’.

To help get you adjusted, you can check out our 7 tips and tricks to help avoid and overcome VR motion sickness.

Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Headset Information

Quest 2 lifestyle 3.jpg

One of the most popular headsets this year – and no doubt this Christmas – is the Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as Oculus Quest 2). Here’s a selection of our best content to get you started with a new Quest headset.

Free VR Games and Experiences on Quest 2

best free oculus quest 2 games

Spent lots of money in the lead up to Christmas and want to avoid dropping even more cash on VR apps and games? If you want a selection of what’s on offer without having to dig deep into your wallet, our list of the best free games and experiences on Quest is a great place to start.

Setup, Troubleshooting, Basic Care

If you’re getting started with your Quest and want to learn how to troubleshoot common issues and care for the headset, we have plenty of articles covering lots of ground.

To learn how to fix common problems, care for your headset and basic maintenance tips, start here.

If you wear glasses and want to learn how to wear your Quest 2 (or other headsets, for that matter) with glasses, check this out.

If, for some reason, you lose your headset and want to remotely wipe it, we have that sorted as well.

Facebook Login, Privacy and User Data

Facebook login privacy oculus quest 2

Infamously, the Quest 2 requires you to login with Facebook in order to use the headset. However, Meta (the recently-rebranded name of the Facebook’s parent company and other associated services) just announced changes to this policy, which will allow you to use a Quest 2 without a Facebook login starting sometime next year.

However, for now you still need to log in with Facebook. If you want to learn more about the upcoming login changes or learn more about privacy in Meta headsets, then check out our comprehensive guide on all that and more.

Best Quest Games

Best Oculus Quest games and Oculus Quest 2 Games

Likewise, we’ve ranked the best games and experiences available on Quest from #25 all the way to #1 – check that out here.

If you want recommendations for specific genres – like shooters, puzzle games, hand tracking etc. – then check out the New to VR? page where you can find loads of genre-specific lists curated by the UploadVR staff.

For families with multiple headset owners, it might be a good idea to take a look at the best co-op experiences on Quest as well.

Quest Headset Accessories

Quest 2 Accessories

If you’re looking for accessories – carrying cases, head straps and the like – for your new Quest headset, look no further than our handy list of the best ones available.

PC VR, PSVR and General VR Recommendations

Not part of the Quest 2 gang this Christmas? That’s ok – we’ve got you covered as well. Start off with the general VR info listed above, then take a look below for the best recommendations for whatever headset you’re using.

PlayStation VR

PSVR background

While the headset itself might not be the latest and greatest anymore, it still has a really solid library of content available for newcomers to dive into. Check out our list of the 25 best PSVR games.

We’ve also got guides on how to connect your PSVR headset to PS4 and PS5 consoles, or if you’re still on the fence, there’s our guide on PSVR vs Quest 2– the pros and cons, and which to buy if you’re on the fence.

PC VR Headsets

HP Reverb G2 Index Controllers (1)

If you received a PC VR headset this Christmas, then we’ve got plenty for you to look over. Start off with our ranked list of the best SteamVR games or best Oculus Rift games, depending on your platform.

If you’re looking for multiplayer games, then check out the PC VR-compatible titles on this list. Even better, if you’re looking to play with friends who are using other platforms or headsets like Quest 2, we have a list of the best multiplayer games that support cross-platform play as well.

There’s also a bunch of flatscreen PC games that have great mods that let you play them in VR – check out our recommendations for the best PC games mods.

Anything else we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments or check out our New to VR? page for more.

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