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New VR Games & Releases October 2022: Quest 2, Pico & PC VR

New VR Games & Releases October 2022: Quest 2, Pico & PC VR

It’s getting to the pointy end of the year! Here’s a rundown of all the new VR releases coming to Quest 2, PSVR, PC VR and Pico platforms in October 2022.

October new games

Recently Released – End of September 2022

bonelab stress level zero

While we got most of last month’s releases in our round-up post at the beginning of the month, there were also a few surprises in September.

Perhaps the biggest was Bonelab, available now for Quest 2 and PC VR. You can read our review here – it brings the full Boneworks experience to Quest 2, for better and worse.

Remember the Crisis VRigade series? Well, the second game in the series has been rebranded as Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded and is now available through the official Quest store for the first time

In terms of updates for existing games, Little Cities got a fantastic new batch of content in the free Attractions Update. Likewise, Walkabout Mini Golf launched its latest paid DLC course, based around the classic Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

New VR Games October 2022

Townscaper VR (October 6 – Quest, Pico)

Stemming from a flatscreen game released in 2021 by solo developer Oskar Stålberg, Townscaper is a city builder with no goals or objectives. Simply create an aesthetic seaside town in different colors and shapes by placing elements and planning a layout with the help of the game’s algorithm. 

<RUNNER> (October 6 – Quest 2)

Runner is an 80s-inspired title from indie studio Truant Pixel that mixes motorbike racing and gun combat with an anime flair – anyone else getting Akira vibes or just me?

Runner releases on Quest 2 on October 6. A PC VR version is also in the works, but the release date for that is still TBA.

Unplugged – Rocktober (October – Quest 2)

Rocktober Unplugged

Through October, VR air guitar game Unplugged is dropping four new tracks as part of its ‘Rocktober’ challenge. When each song releases, you’ll have one week to play the new song on hard difficultly and compete for rewards by placing on the global leaderboards. There’s rewards for the top 100 leaderboard scores for each song, but the top 10 will unlock a unique guitar skin.  This week, it’s the rock guitar skin pictured above.

The new songs are Eddie Grey – Hideaway (October 3), The Sound Room – Against (October 10), The Final Round – Spark (October 17) and Vitne – Say Goodbye (October 24).

Requisition VR – Early Access (October 20 – PC VR)

I know what you’re thinking – wasn’t this listed as a September release last month? Yes, it was, however that September Early Access launch date got pushed midway through the month, going from September 22 to October 20.

The four-player online co-op survival title will be available in Early Access via Steam later this month.

Half-Life: VR Mod (October 20 – PC VR)

Hot off last month’s launch of the much-anticipated Half-Life 2 VR Mod on Steam, another community-made mod (by a different team) for the original Half-Life will make the game playable in VR via Steam later this month.

Morels: Homestead (PC VR – October 27)

Morels: Homestead released for Quest late last year, but now it’s coming to PC VR as well. This sandbox VR adventure will let you unwind and relax by building your own countryside home, launching on October 27 via Steam. 

Hardware Releases and Other Surprises?

The above list isn’t huge, it’s true, but it’s nonetheless looking like a big month for VR. It’s likely that there are some surprise launches due later in the month that we don’t know about yet.

Meta is set to host its annual Connect conference on October 11, so there’s a good chance we get some game reveals, announcements and/or releases during the keynote, as usual.

On the hardware side of things, Zuckerberg has indicated that Quest Pro will launch later this month (even though it’s not a gaming-focused device). Likewise, Pico 4 is set to ship on October 18 for Europe, South Korea and Japan – you can read our impressions of the headset here.

And that’s our list of new VR games for October 2022! What are you planning on trying out? Let us know in the comments below.

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