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New Trailer Debuts For Lovecraftian Horror Game The Shore VR

New Trailer Debuts For Lovecraftian Horror Game The Shore VR

A new trailer is here for The Shore VR, a Lovecraftian horror game coming to PC VR sometime next year.

The Shore originally released for PC as a flatscreen game, but VR support is in the works and coming soon. We first wrote about the game back in February, when the developers confirmed VR support was in development with some “extra stuff” not present in the original release.

Now, we have a full trailer for the VR version of the game, showing some new content and giving us our first look at how the game presents in VR.

The trailer is similar in structure to the trailer for the original flatscreen game, but it has some new VR elements that weren’t present in the original. There’s clearly puzzle elements that have been given VR functionality with your hands, seen when the player starts picking up objects like the glowing sphere or putting things in certain places to solve puzzles.

The developers say that this VR version of the game has “20 unique in-game events” not present in the flatscreen version.

In terms of release date, we still don’t have anything super concrete. The developers say the expected release is sometime in Q1 of 2022 and the final date will be announced later this month.

When the VR version does arrive, it will support PC VR headsets and release on the Steam and HTC Vive platforms. There’s no word on other headsets just yet.

The Shore is available for PC now, with the VR version set to arrive in early 2022.

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